How to use a Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

AEDs are designed not only to use technology to diagnose and treat effectively and automatically, they also make the best use of these advancements to make the devices easy to use.

It is recommended that anyone using an AED should ideally have undergone specific AED training, which can be achieved through many available courses in First Aid and CPR. There are also many reported cases where people with no prior experience have used an AED to successfully save lives, although it is recommended that the machines be used following specialised training courses.

AEDs are an excellent example of the use of technologies to improve people?s lives. The automation in both diagnosis and treatment, together with the speed and ease of use means that virtually anyone can use one of these devices to save a life. The time saved in getting someone the treatment they need means that not only is the person more likely to survive, they are also far less likely to suffer some of the negative consequences of cardiac arrest.

Training for the use of AEDs is straightforward and widespread, and available on many courses currently running.